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March 2015

Print With Chocolate in 3D

This amazing 3D printer known as 3Drag, outfitted with a pastry bag or a heated syringe is capable of printing using any type of chocolate with great precision. To print with chocolate you will need to purchase an additional syringe extruder specifically designed for this purpose, the system works by heating the syringe to a lower temperature than conventional extruders. A needle inserted into the tip of the syringe is heated to a

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The App That Helps You Improve Your WiFi Signal

WiFi Solver FDTD by jasmcole is a simulation app for android powered smart devices that helps you strategically place your WiFi router in the best possible location in your home. The user uploads a floor plan in PNG file format then allows you to mark the position of your WiFi router, the app then simulates how the electromagnetic waves propagate giving you a good idea of where the potential “Dark Spots” may occur. Instructions

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Battery Powered ADSL Router

Did you know that you can run your ADSL Router on a 12 volt battery? In the video below you will see how that’s possible using a standard 12v 7ah battery which are fairly in-expensive and can be found at most hardware stores. This is a great backup solution when the power goes out and you still want internet access to pass the time, running your ADSL router on batteries you

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Convert Your Fluorescent Lighting to LED

Now here is a great idea, why not replace your old Fluorescent tube lights with LED ones and save on electricity. This is a simple DIY hack which can easily be done using an LED strip light and a AC to DC transformer. Now there are LED tubes available you could simply just plug in and you good to go but that takes all the fun out of it and besides

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How To Make a 1000w LED FlashLight

Nicknamed the DIY SunBlaster this little video tutorial will show you how to make a 1000 watt equivalent flashlight using an LED as the light source.   Thanks to DIY Perks for this great video.   [embedyt]–5c3Egv4E&width=500&height=400[/embedyt]   PARTS LIST 1. 100W LED Click here to buy on Ebay 2. Voltage Booster* Voltage Booster – Click here to buy on eBay Voltage Booster – Click here to buy on Amazon

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Social network prepares to use solar-powered drones with wingspan of a commercial airliner to beam internet access to rural areas

Radio-Controlled Imperial Star Destroyer

I found this interesting Gadget for all you Star Wars fans over at Makezine. CAD Designer Oliver C brings his Star Wars passion to life with this Radio-Controlled Imperial Star Destroyer. The frame is made out of light-weight expanded polystyren URSA XPS N III which he has carefully sculpted using a paper overlay as a guide. He has also built similar working flying models including the Tie Interceptor and the Millennium

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Vehicle Owners Beware – Hacking Your Car Is Now a Mainstream Reality

A 24 year old, Eric Evenchick will be demonstrating his latest invention called the CANtact also known as CANard at this years Black Hat Asia security conference in Singapore. This open sourced board connects to your computer via USB on the one end and the other to a vehicles OBD2 port. Now there are a plethora of Vehicle Diagnostic and Programming Tools out there in the market today, what makes

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Build Your Own Flexible LED XXL Display

Here we going to show you how to build a FLEXIBLE “ROLL AND FOLDABLE” LED Display WS2811. cheap easy and very useful Advertisers. Courtesy of [embedyt][/embedyt] TOOLS : Side cutter (sharp) Screwdrivers mix (cross, slot, big & small) Hot Iron (sharp tip) Solder (thin) Heat gun shrinkable tubing Puncher (to hole the Plane) Detergent (cleaning)   Assembly Parts.: Surface (depending on your need flexible or fix) LED Supply Power

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3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 MotorCycle

Jonathan Brand, an artist living in New York started 3D printing about 3 years ago and shortly after decided to print his own motorcycle. What originally interested him in Ultimaker at the time about 2 years ago was the printers fast printing ability to produce prints in large volumes as well as the free opensource software, this allowed him to design and print his own customized parts. To maintain the translucent

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