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March 2015

Say Hello to PLEN2

The world’s first 3D Printable Open-Sourced Humanoid Robot Kit is the brain child of Natsuo Akazawa, founder and CEO of PLEN Project Company, along with 3 others have started the PLEN2 project over at Kickstarter and have already met their $40,000 Goal with the help of 85 backers to date.     The PLEN2 kit consists of control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself with just a simple screw driver. For

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Available from July, £99.99

New technique works 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing and makes objects within minutes by simply lifting them out of a pool of resin

A team of inventors have produced Flone – a simple H-frame for smartphones, bringing drone technology to the masses

Disco Dog LED vest wants to make pet pooches sparkle at night

Likely to be trotting the streets of Shoreditch before Christmas, the serious side to this Kickstarter-funded garment is helping lost dogs get found

Meet DAR-1. He might not look like much, but robots like him are showing startling new ways that humans can interact with machines

Working 5 speed transmission model for Toyota 22RE engine

This is the 5 speed transmission that comes bolted to the back of a 22RE. This is the 4WD version of the transmission so it has a mounting surface to bolt a transfer case to. I’ll work to get a 2wd housing designed up, since the only difference is the rear section of the transmission. The transfer case will be the next thing I will upload Fully working. All 5

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Apple engineer spoof video: is Spanish Laughing Guy the new Downfall?

El Risitas, the ‘Apple engineer’ from a clip poking fun at the new MacBook has gone viral. But who is he really? Where did the meme originate from? And can it unseat Hitler?

Nine reasons only a tool would buy the Apple Watch

Tim Cook has announced the Apple Watch, including a solid gold version for £13,500. But who would actually buy it? And why would they want to?