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April 2015

Apple Watch review: beautiful hardware spoiled by complicated software

Apple’s much hyped smartwatch is carefully crafted with a masterful design, but poor battery life and confusing software mean curious consumers should wait

FREE Hidden Electricity !

Here is a handy little hack in case of an emergency and you desperately need power to charge your cell phone or even power a small LED when the power goes out. Let’s face it Eskom’s power problems is not going to go away anytime soon so we have to come up with clever ways to harness power when we need it most and in this blog post I want

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Enter The Next Generation of Gaming !

The Virtuix Omni available for pre-order later this year at is set to give the PC gaming community a truly authentic immersive gaming experience. The Omni uses a concave, low-friction platform that enables a smooth gait and immersive walking and running motion. Comfortable Omni shoes with a low-friction sole allow for comfortable, extended gameplay and battlefield action. A robust support ring and unattached support harness provide maximum safety and versatility

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Tesla’s $13,000 battery could keep your home online in a blackout

Elon Musk has hinted at device to be unveiled this week, and analyst Trip Chowdhry sees big benefits for those who ‘always want to be connected’

Get yourself connected: is the internet of things the future of fashion?

The catwalk has long been exploring the potential of tech and the results are playful, from a dress inspired by Tinkerbell to a wearable spider

Create Your Own Hologram Effect

Based on a technique called “Pepper’s Ghost” Robbie Tilton shows us how he created a Hologram-like effect using a reflective prism, a technique which basically reflects an image off a reflective surface to create an illusion of a floating 3D object. The “Pepper’s Ghost” effect was first designed with only one reflective surface being used but Robbie decided to take it a step further and use four reflective surfaces giving it

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The World’s First Robotic Chef

  The year is 2017, you are at work just about to finish up for the day but before you leave you send instructions over the internet via your smart phone to your Robotic Chef to cook you up some dinner, with hundreds of recipes at your fingertips you decide on Lamb Chops Marinated with Red Wine and when you get home dinner is served ! Sounds to good to

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Arguably the best small heater fan available, Dyson’s newest innovation is powerful and very beautiful – but comes with a hefty price tag

Do you hate your shins? Then give them a good bruising with this torture device from America