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April 2015

Dave is planning to get a new family computer but would like a touch-sensitive screen for Windows 8

DIY Fingerprint Scanner

Here is another great instructable project brought to you by nodcah, a DIY Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Opener. Tired of constantly being locked out of his home because he doesn’t always carry any keys on him he decided it’s time to get creative and build an automated door opener using a 3D printer and some parts he bought online which includes a serial LCD kit sold by Sparkfun and a ATmega328.    

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Single Nozzle Multi-Color 3D printing

Another win for the 3D printing community, the guys over at have a fully functioning prototype and is now appealing to the community on Kickstarter to help bring their invention into full production. The Diamond Hotend is a single diamond shaped nozzel with 3 chambers allowing you to feed 3 filaments of varying materials at the same time with better precision and color blending. If you have a 3D printer this

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Project Morpheus: Sony’s plan to make virtual reality a social experience

Everyone envisions that virtual reality will be about isolating yourself from the real world, but that’s not exactly what Sony has in mind

LG Plasma TV Teardown

So you got your self an old broken plasma TV laying around and perhaps you thinking of opening it up to salvage some of the parts or maybe you want to try and fix it or perhaps you just want to take it apart for fun. Before you do take a look at this video from David Jones opening up his old Plasma TV and gives us a great run down

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Gesture Controlled Spider Bots

An arachnophobes worst nightmare, yes that’s right a gesture controlled spider robot! Meet Curie, Intel’s wearable technology solution introduced by CEO Brian M. Krzanich at this year’s Intel Developer Forum Shenzhen. Krzanich demonstrated on stage how he was able to control 4 spider robots by “waking them up” simply by twisting his hand palm side up then raising his arm in an upwards motion, he then went on to command the robots to change

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3D Printed Robots For Movie CHAPPIE

3D Printers have become so popular these days that even the movie industry has started using them, no surprise there right? CHAPPIE an American Sci-Fi movie tells the story of the South African police force in Johannesburg  purchasing Armour-plated attack robots from weapons manufacturer Tetravaa in a bid to control the high levels of crime in the city. The film features plenty of robotic fight scenes with the robots themselves looking

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Access Your RaspBerry Pi Over the Internet

Ever wanted to remotely control your Raspberry Pi over the internet from anywhere in the world? Introducing the Weaved IoT Kit which allows you to do just that easily in no time at all.   The IoT Kit brings all the power of the Weaved Internet of Things fabric to Raspberry Pi in an easy to use solution, so that you can make your Pi application available remotely from any browser

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It’s Official – Beam will be going into Production!

In only 4 weeks and 1973 backers, Kickstarter project Beam will soon be going into production. An internet Of Things device that is basically a projector equipped with a smart computer running Android is capable of projecting an image onto a flat surface. Designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings and is even capable of screwing into a standard Edison light bulb electrical socket makes this little gadget a must have piece of tech.  

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DIY drones: don’t confuse homemade UAVs with military killing machines

Google’s Eric Schmidt has suggested they will be used for surveillance, but those who make them insist they have benefits