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May 2015

RaspBerry Pi Bomb Spotted!

The Raspberry Pi has made its way to the big screen as seen in the below trailer for the movie Point Break set to be released this December. Two Pi’s in a clear plastic case are shown to be connected to an explosive device through its audio jacks, no doubt its to be used as the “trigger” mechanism by way of an audible signal. What seems to be an LCD touch

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Oculus focuses on British VR startup

Facebook buys Surreal Vision, founded by three Imperial College students, to bolster Oculus’s virtual reality development

The return of virtual reality: ‘this is as big an opportunity as the internet’

Twenty years ago the man who pioneered commercial VR saw his market shrink to zero. Now he’s excited again – and so are Microsoft, Google and Facebook …

Soldering LED Strips to Make Shapes

Another quick tutorial for those curios minds out there, today kaitlyn1franz on instructables shows us some pretty handy tips for soldering LED strips together to form some rather interesting shapes.   To start here are 3 Very important tips: – Pay attention to the direction to the LEDs. They have Data in and Data out as indicated by the pins and the arrows on the strips. – Make sure you solder the

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Build a Cheap and Easy No-Solder Prototyping Board

Here is a great little tutorial I found over at Makezine courtesy of Casey Shea for all you prototyping enthusiasts. Here is a quick guide on how to create a cheap and easy prototyping circuit board from a piece of wood, some screws and some springs.   Step #1: Design your board   Set the springs down (while not under tension) and mark where you want to attach them to the board.

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Uber’s first self-driving car spotted in Pittsburgh

A car fitted with cameras and laser scanners has been seen driving on public roads in the US, as Uber’s research centre starts testing technology

101 useful, practical and functional 3d prints

Courtesy of JavaProgrammer over at Instructables here are 101 useful, practical and functional 3D printed objects.  

Aria Adds Gesture Control to Android Wear

  It looks like magic…but it’s not.     Aria is a hands-free remote that recognizes your finger movements from the wrist. You wear it, calibrate it and it will work. Aria takes advantage of a brand new set of sensors capable of detecting different finger tapping, flicking and other movements. The device is worn inside the watch strap and is so sleek and comfortable that you will hardly notice it.

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Behind a pizza-slice smile: the dark side of Pac-Man

The pill-munching arcade classic is 35 years old today, but while Pac-Man looks cute, many writers have discovered a sinister secret within