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July 2015

The Mechanics of the Film Projector

Bill tears apart a film projector to reveal the amazing mechanisms used in the pre-digital age to trick the mind into seeing a moving image. He uses high speed photography and animations to show how the projector moves the film intermittently, how a shutter strategically blocks light as the film moves, and how the photo sensor reads the sound. He explains how all these mechanisms are synced.  

PlayStation 4 TearDown – Lets Take A Look Inside The PS4

Courtesy of iFixit here we have a very interesting look on whats inside the PS4 hardware. After seven long years, the Sony PlayStation finally gets a 4 on the box. Join the iFixit team as they tear it open and see what’s changed – and if it was worth the wait. Working in partnership with their pals at Chipworks, they snagged one of the first North American consoles for a

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Funny Checkers Commercial – Loadshedding DIY Kit

Check out this funny yet usefull DIY Loadshedding Survival kit sponsored by Checkers.    

15 Funny African DIY Gadgets

Africa is a continent full of innovators and inventors. When there is a problem that needs to be solved, you can bet an African somewhere on the continent has come up with an interested way of solving it. Take a look at this hilarious collection of African DIY problem solvers.   Original Source :

South African Woman Receives The First Drone License On The Continent

A female pilot had been awarded the first drone licence on the continent, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) said yesterday.”The licence was issued on 10 July to Nicole Swart,” said spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu. “It makes her the first person to receive such a licence in South Africa, the continent, and most parts of the world.”Swart, 23, holds the highest pilot’s licence, namely the airline transport pilot’s licence. When

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Drone firing handgun appears in video

Home-made quadcopter capable of firing pistol at least four times while airborne posted on YouTube

DIY SuperCapacitor (Home Made Super Battery)

I found this great video with instructions on youtube showing you how to build a supercapacitor with simple household items commonly found in your kitchen. The original video uploaded by chemicum won a Novaator science video contest.     You need only some chemicals from the kitchen, such as water cleaning filter’s active carbon, sewer cleaning liquid (NaOH, but KOH is better), iron mesh, epoxy glue, shade cloth or paper for membrane

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Bring Your Retro Game Controllers Back To Life

The KADE miniConsole+ is a versatile gaming device that connects retro gamepads and controllers to a huge variety of computers and consoles using plug and play detection. The KADE team are currently working on fulfilment of the Kickstarter rewards with shipment set for September 2015 and we plan to open general sales of miniConsole+ soon after.   Preorder will be available soon so please visit our preorder page and sign up for

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Make A Simple Two Legged Walking Robot

Today Saurav Chakraborty over at instructables shows us a quick and simple guide to build your very own two legged walking robot. One of the most difficult robot is two legged walking robot. Its balancing mechanism needs a complex circuit , lots of sensors, gyro, servos and mechanics. All the parts are controlled by microprocessors with complicated Firmware. But here we have made a very simple two legged walking robot for kids. To

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Turn Your Raspberry Pi into An FM Transmitter

Courtesy of RyanB27 over at Instructables today we show you how to exploit the fact that the Raspberry Pi supports AirPlay (through shairport), and combine it with the ‘hack’ that allows the Raspberry Pi to transmit FM signals, turning your raspberry pi into a dedicated AirPlay server and FM transmitter.   Here is the best part, the requirements: 1x Raspberry Pi (any model except Pi 2) 1x Long wire (preferably around 2 feet

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