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July 2015

Long Range Repeater – Video Tutorial

andrew mcneil shows us a great video tutorial for building a long range repeater for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This is based around a small USB repeater that you can get from ebay here: This repeater uses a cantenna as a directional antenna to radiate the signal over a long distance and a dipole omnidirectional antenna to pick up the original signal from the router.  

Powered picnicking to colour-coding robots

Our favourite tech innovations this week include a refreshing new way to share party snaps, and a carry-on briefcase that carries you

Bolt – The Cloud Connected Electric Motorbike

The bike is keyless and can start with a unique passcode or from your smartphone. The Bolt app will locate your vehicle, should any harm come to it. Parents will also enjoy some controls on the app that will allow them to limit the top speed of the bike and keep wild teenagers in check. The M-1 also comes with a USB port for plugging in your smartphone while on the

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Beautiful Cape Town As Seen By Drones

This awesome footage shot by youtuber Volkair using an unmanned aerial drone shows us just how beautiful the mother city is from a birds eye view.   An aerial tourist can have experiences previously only afforded by ‘high-flyers’ in helicopters. Cape Town’s amazing sights seen from above are mind blowing. This ‘drone’ is not evil. First Person Views shared with surfers, kids, teachers, joggers and tourists on the ground were fun for

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Turn Your RockBand Rums Into MIDI Drums

EvanKale over at Instructables shows us how to converted RockBand or Guitar Hers Drum set into a MIDI drum controller using an Arduino, a real MIDI drum set that can interface with digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, etc.    Step 1: Watch the video!   Step 2: What you’ll need   We’re going to need an Arduino. I chose to use the Arduino UNO because I

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Controlling Fireworks With a Raspberry Pi

Check out this great tutorial by Chris Osborn over at Intentricity. Power is provided by a 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. I have the 12V battery go into my switch box which has two lighted switches on it, the output of one switch goes to the switching regulator to power the Pi, the other switch has one of those flip-down safety covers and goes through the relays to the fireworks.  

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After the prototype PlayStation: six more obscure games consoles

A late-1980s SNES-CD console ditched by Sony and Nintendo was discovered last month. Here are six other elusive games machines for look out for …

DIY Arduino Wandering Robot

Today JaceDuino over at instructables shows us how to create a Arduino Wandering Robot. This is a tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot that will wonder around and avoid walls and other obstacles.   Step 1: Get The Parts Collect your Items: Arduino Uno or Mega:… // uno link H-Bridge Shield:… Ultra Sonic Sensor:… Chassis:… Batteries: I suggest 3 9v Batteries Tools: (you don’t really need tools but

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DIY Electrolytic Acid Etching

Here is a great DIY Hack brought to you by kurtck over at Instructables. Electrolytic Acid Etching on an Aluminum Brew Kettle, check it out.     Supplies: Brew kettle 1/4 cup White vinegar 1/4 tsp Salt Fresh 9-volt battery Electrical wire (speaker wire worked for me) Electrical tape or other masking medium Q-tip Stencils 1. Measure out exactly one gallon of water and pour into your kettle. Mark the 1 gallon mark

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