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July 2015

Create a Realtime Raspberry Pi Security Camera

In this blog post, we’ll going to show you how you can use a Raspberry Pi (with just a few additional parts) to build your very own Raspberry Pi Security Camera which can detect motion, detect human faces, and alert you if people are detected. If detected, a notification is sent in realtime. We’ll be using both the JavaScript SDK and Python SDK.     PubNub Security Camera: Create a Realtime

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Restore Your Old Headlights Using Toothpaste

Your old vehicles headlights looking a little tired? Well check out this handy little life hack and polish them with toothpaste and a little water, see video below.  

Create Your Own Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock

Check out this great DIY Project over at Adafruit submitted by Steve Hoefer.   Overview Nothing says “There’s something valuable here!” than the sight of a lock. But what if the lock was invisible and the unlocking key could be transmitted through solid matter? No one would even know there was a lock, much less how to pick it. That’s what the Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock does. It hides

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South African Drone Laws Come Into Effect

This article was originally published by BussinessTech.   The South African drone regulations come into effect on Wednesday (1 July) and are among the most stringent in the world, thanks to the Ministry of Transport. While anybody above the age of 18 will be allowed to purchase a drone – with or without a licence – the regulations restrict the use of drones dramatically, according to SA law firm, Cliffe

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How Do Transistors Work? (Chip Level Explanation)

Ever wondered how transistors work? In the below video, Dave explains how BJT and MOSFET transistors work at the silicon chip level. How does a BJT transistor actually amplify current? P and N type doping, charge carriers, conduction channel, field effect, holes and electrons, etc. You can join the discussion forum here.  

How to Build a Bicycle Generator

Check out this awesome instructable by abemckay which shows you how to build a Bicycle Generator, perfect in case of a “Power Outage Apocalypse”. This is not really for Noobs so please take care when working with electricity.   Using a few easily accessible parts, you can make a bicycle generator that can power various electronic appliances, such as laptops and batteries! Materials needed: Bicycle Stand Bicycle frame 24V  DC scooter motor

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Setting up a 7-inch Touchscreen on a Pi 2 with Windows IoT Core

This article gives credit to Falafel Software and expects that you already have a Raspberry Pi 2 and that it is running the Windows IoT Core operating system. If you don’t currently have this setup it is quite easy to begin by going to the Windows on Devices website.   Disclaimer: Windows IoT Core Insider preview is not an officially released product. Expect some changes as the product matures and is

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