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3D Printed Robots For Movie CHAPPIE

3D Printers have become so popular these days that even the movie industry has started using them, no surprise there right? CHAPPIE an American Sci-Fi movie tells the story of the South African police force in Johannesburg  purchasing Armour-plated attack robots from weapons manufacturer Tetravaa in a bid to control the high levels of crime in the city. The film features plenty of robotic fight scenes with the robots themselves looking very detailed and incredibly realistic. So how did they manage to achieve this level of detail? Well it turns out most if not all the robots featured in the film were 3D printed.


“He was almost entirely 3D printed,” recounts Denton. “Every part was printed and snapped together almost. We build some of our own 3D printers and also use an Eden and a ProJet printer off-the-shelf to get super high resolution for small parts.” In the end, the Workshop made around 19 Chappie/Scouts, in various stages of destruction and damage, and with different paint jobs.

Chappie Official Trailer

Behind The Scenes


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