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Arduino DIY Budget Photo Booth

Here is how you can build your own DIY Budget Photo booth with DSLR, Tablet and Arduino by Team Z over at instructables.


Step 1: Materials

DSLR: We used a Canon 600D


The App Shuttersnitch

External Flash

Wi-Fi SD card – We use one from transcend because it works fine and is even cheaper than a Eye – Fi – card

Red Button

A box


Eight segment display

Arduino Uno (buy a cheap one from china, it works the same)


Camera power supply

acrylic glass

Mounting brackets


Wireless flash trigger

Small lcd display


Step 2: The BOX


Step 3: The tripod


Step 4: Installing the camera and tablet


Step 5: Eight segment display, lcd display and arduino


Step 6: Programming

Click here for programming code.


Step 7: Putting everything together


Configure the Wi-Fi SD card and put it into your camera.

Download the Shuttersnitch to your tablet and install it. As soon as you have connected your tablet to the SD card, the pictures you take should be sended to your tablet. Take a picture and check if everything works fine.

Now you can either remove the battery pack of your camera and insert the power supply or just leave out this step. Depends on how you want to run it.

Screw the camera to the box and place the tablet in the right position.


Step 8: The right camera configuration and the flash

Set your camera to M – Mode, 7.1, 1/100s and the ISO depends on whether you use a flash light or not and how bright the available light is.

Screw the metal rod for the flash on top of the box. Mount the flash and connect it to the camera with the flash remote trigger, as well as to the power supply


Step 9: Have fun


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