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Arduino DIY Budget Photo Booth

Here is how you can build your own DIY Budget Photo booth with DSLR, Tablet and Arduino by Team Z over at instructables.   Step 1: Materials DSLR: We used a Canon 600D Tablet The App Shuttersnitch External Flash Wi-Fi SD card – We use one from transcend because it works fine and is even cheaper than a Eye – Fi – card Red Button A

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The NetFlix Switch Is Now Open Source

We built a switch that does everything you need to get ready for a Netflix marathon with just one press. It turns on your TV and brings you right to Netflix, dims your lights, silences your phone, and even orders you food. Intrigued? Follow along with our instructions to make your own.   [embedyt][/embedyt]   Step 1 Know the Basics. No two switches need to be the same. We’ll walk

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DIY Homemade Amp For Smartphone (Video Tutorial)

Check out this really easy DIY video tutorial by zhyar4kurd showing us how to build a simple amplifier for your smartphone.   Step 1: Components For More Details Watch The Video below IC chip LM386 Resistor 10K Ohm Capacitor 220 uF Audio Jack 3.5 mm On\Off Switch LED   Step 2: Watch The Video Tutorial [embedyt][/embedyt]

SmartHome IoT Pi Cloud Service

The SmartHome IoT Pi project by Pridopia is aimed towards creating a system capable of controlling devices over the internet from any device. Currently the system supports up to 12 Controlled devices and 1 DHT 2302/22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The main device ( G1 ) Can be triggered by temperature (with a DHT sensor) or time. The system uses Solid State Relays ( SSR ) or Switching Relays. For

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DIY Low Power ARM Based File Server

This instructable will let you create your own compact network file server that will: Run off of very little power. Provide gigabit network connectivity. Use up to 5 regular desktop harddisks. Deliver about 90mb/s read performance, 65mb/s read via Samba. And yes, if you want to use RAID, you can. Actual data throughput will be limited to about 85 mb/s regardless of what your haddisk(s) are capable of and using

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How To Setup Video Streaming With A RaspberryPi

This tutorial will show how to stream Video via Raspicam to a web browser using a Raspberry Pi and the UV4L driver.   Step 1: Material – Raspberry Pi or Odroid-W Running Raspbian – Raspicam – Router – Ethernet Cable   Step 2: Enable Raspicam Before starting to configure the Raspberry, you’ll need to enable the Raspicam CSI port and expand the root filesystem. First, connect the Raspicam and the Raspberry

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DIY 3D Printer – Delta Bot

  Follow these instructions to build an efficient and reliable all metal structure 3D Printer, courtesy of Danny Lu over at instructables. Great quality and up to 400 mm/s print speed (very fast). Built with heated bed, hybrid bowden suspended extruder, and counterweight (tested printing 21 hours straight with no motors hot). Does not require many tools to be created and if tuned well enough can last you very long.   [embedyt][/embedyt]  

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Homemade 3D Camera with Raspberry Pi

Here is a great tutorial by konovalov over at instructables which you can follow to build your own 3D Pi Camera for less than $100 (depending on desired quality and amount of parts already owned). It uses 2 usb webcams to capture and process images to .jps (stereo .jpg), ready to view on a 3D screen.   Step 1: Parts and Equipment 1. Raspberry Pi (model B) and SD card (class 10 recommended,

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Bitcoin Mining On Raspberry Pi2

For those interested in Bitcoin Mining take a look at this great instructable by robertlee0707 and for those who simply want to know what bitcoin mining is checkout   Step 1: Gather Your Parts You will need a Raspberry Pi 2 A powered USB hub ( Make sure to get a good quality one) Antminer U1/U2/U3 USB Fan Raspberry pi heatsink with fan   Step 2: Setup USB and Heatsink Setup with the

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Raspberry Pi Garage Door Controller

Check out this awesome project by hipfan75 over at imgur. Tired of forgetting to close the garage doors at night he decided to build this rather ingenuous Raspberry powered garage door controller.   Raspberry Pi Breakout Board with STM32F030 Arm Microcontroller One of the breakout boards, partially completed. More details here:   Garage Door Sensors Standard RJ-45 jack and cable strung between the garage door and the Pi. (Approximately 25 feet).

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