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LED TV Screen Glitch Fixed With Light

Check out this really strange but useful fix for anybody owning LED TV with a similar problem. Dyril over at EEVBlog had a faulty Samsung UN32EH500 LED TV, the screen was displaying white lines on one side which can only be described as “Glitching” and while shining a light on a faulty chip near the ribbon connector the lines magically disappear.  

Recycle Old Laptop Battery

In this instructable by smandal13 we will show you how you can recycle old laptop battery pack. If you are using a laptop then after few years of usage the battery performance decreases and a time comes when your battery pack is no longer supplying power.   Step 1: Some basic ideas Have you ever wondered what is inside the battery pack of laptop? What kind of battery is used? Why there

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IPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Today LucasOchoa over at instructables shows us how to replace your iPhone 5 screen. Original post here.   As with almost all Apple products, you’ve got to buy a fully assembled screen to attempt to fix it your self. You save your self time and frustration. BUY A FULLY ASSEMBLED REPLACEMENT PART. The vendors on eBay and sites like those are not out to help you, they are just looking for your

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Restore Your Old Headlights Using Toothpaste

Your old vehicles headlights looking a little tired? Well check out this handy little life hack and polish them with toothpaste and a little water, see video below.  

APC Back-UPS RS 800 USB Mod

I got hold of a used APC Back-UPS RS 800 but unfortunately did not get the data cable which gets supplied with the unit when purchased new so i decided to make my own. The problem with these units is that the data port at the back uses a RJ50 instead of a RJ45 connector and these cables are kinda hard to come by. The difference between the two is

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PS3 Controller L2 & R2 Trigger Fix

So after years of good gaming the R2 Trigger button on my Dualshock 3 PS3 controller decided to give in. The button was no longer springing back and as a result once pressed the button would stay engaged making contact and basically making the controller useless, so I decided to open up the controller and found that the coiled up spring had broke.  With no money to buy a new

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