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What Is A Battery?

Batteries are fascinating devices that we often take for granted in our everyday lives. How often have you thrown out a AA alkaline cell and stopped to consider what actually happened inside that chemical-filled container to provide your remote control with electrical power?   Batteries are made of three basic components: Anode: Electrons flow out of the anode in a battery, which means conventional “current” flows into the anode. The

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Complete Motor guide for Robotics

Robot is an electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task. Roboticists develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modeled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming”. This definition implies that a device can only be called a “robot” if

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How To Get A Drone License In SA

Earlier this year, the laws around legal operation of remote control aircraft – aka drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) – changed in South Africa, introducing a framework for where and how drones can be flown, and who is allowed to fly them. These new restrictions and regulations don’t, on the whole, apply to the kind of quadcopters that are going to popular as presents this

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All-in-One Raspberry Pi Getting Started Guide

Raspberry Pi, one of the most ingenious invention for makers and hackers. Before we get started into the nitty gritty details of getting it setup, we first must ponder over the question that what the Raspberry Pi actually is? Raspberry Pi is a linux based single board computer in a small form factor capable of fast processing (compared to Arduino) and able to interact with the physical word through inputs

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Can You Rank Your Local Business?

SEO For Local Businesses: If you’re an internet marketer, or own a local business, you have to understand that this campaign is somehow different from a typical non geo-targeted campaign. The strategies that you have to pull off is different from a typical SEO campaign. This means that what used to work to rank an online business has to be done differently if you’re looking forward to rank a website for

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Hack a computer on your network with kali linux

Here is a not so detailed How-to guide by CoenW1 on hacking a computer on your local area network so use your imagination on this one… hint hint, nudge nudge 🙂   Step 1: Start Kali Linux Start Kali Linux and start a new terminal.   Step 2: Start the Metasploit console Start the Metasploit console by typing: msfconsole This will take a few moments…   Step 3: The commands:

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Ever wonder how a crystal oscillator works?

For those more tech savvy individuals Craig over at shows us a very informative video on how crystal oscillators work.   You can view the original post here.  

Great South African Inventions

In case you missed it here are some of the many inventions to emerge from South Africa over the years. The items featured here are extracted from the book, Great South African Inventions.   Kreepy Krauly Ferdinand Chauvier was a hydraulics engineer who came to South Africa from the former Belgian Congo in 1951. Realising that there was a huge market for equipment that would eliminate the physical labour from

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How The Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works

I found this great article on wired on how the eagerly anticipated Lexus Hoverboard known as SLIDE actually works, but first lets take a look at some cool videos…       How It Works Magnets. That’s the short version. The long version means steeling yourself for a light dose of physics. According to Lexus, its hoverboard relies on superconductors and magnets, which combine to repel the force of gravity and

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The Mechanics of the Film Projector

Bill tears apart a film projector to reveal the amazing mechanisms used in the pre-digital age to trick the mind into seeing a moving image. He uses high speed photography and animations to show how the projector moves the film intermittently, how a shutter strategically blocks light as the film moves, and how the photo sensor reads the sound. He explains how all these mechanisms are synced.  

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