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Rifle Scope From Old Binoculars

In this project by AlexGyver over at instructables we learn how to make a rifle scope or rimfire scope using an old binoculars. To get started you will need:   binoculars synthetic rope a triangle file super glue   Step 1: Disassembling binoculars Disassemble binoculars to get access to second lense (usually it is pressed by sleeve)   Step 2: Setting the reticle You need to find a distance above the lens, on

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DIY ISP Network Speed Monitor

If there’s one thing that’s the same about everyone’s broadband connection, it’s that it’s slow. Usually slower than it was advertised to be when you got it. But slow isn’t as irritating as sporadic, when you get constant drops and outages in your internet connection, it can drive you to frustration. It drove one man in Washington D.C. to monitor his broadband connection with a Raspberry Pi, and automatically tweet Comcast when

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16 Projects For Your Raspberry Pi

Got yourself a shiny new Raspberry Pi or you may have one laying around gathering dust, here are 16 projects for you to try out.   1. Stream Movies With Kodi Kodi is one of the best streaming platforms available, letting you experience local and internet-based content on anything from your smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Oh, and it’s also available on the Raspberry Pi 2. If you want to

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Convert Your Old PS1 Into A PiStaytion

Now in the world of retro gaming, people aren’t happy with a circuit board sitting naked on their TV stand / computer desk with bundles of wires and cables poking out. They want to replicate the feeling of playing on their old favorite console, but with the added twist of seeing the surprised looks on their friends’ faces when they startup a custom system running lots of different console emulators.

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Use an Arduino to Control an Infra-red Remote Control

I used this for my own very specific problem but it could be used for anything really. The Problem: Most speakers are not smart, and so you have to turn them off manually, especially studio monitor type speakers. Because of this when left on (if you fall asleep or just forget switch them off), they waste a fair bit of power. In my bedroom setup for gaming, movies, music production

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How To Build Your Own Private Telephone System

Due to the proliferation of cellular networks, most homes have abandoned their land line telephone plan. The infrastructure is still there though, hidden in our walls. Why let all that copper go to waste? Let’s talk about how inexpensive and easy it is to reclaim this technology, making it useful again in today’s internet connected world. Needed: PBX Old phones, modems, answering machines, etc. Voice Over IP gateway Modular telephone

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Programmable DC Backup Power Supply (Video Tutorial)

Built inside a recycled ATX power supply case, Kedar Nimbalkar’s project is heavy on off-the-shelf components, like a laptop power supply for juice, a buck converter to charge the 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and a boost converter to raise the output to 19.6 volts. An Arduino and an optoisolator are in charge of controlling the charging cycle and switching the UPS from charging the battery to using it when

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Build an USB LED light from an old webcam

Today DuartmaN over at instructables is going to show you how to build a USB LED light from an old webcam.   Step 1: Components and tools Tools: Soldering iron Driller 5mm Drill Multimeter Hot glue gun Adhesive tape Miscellaneous tools Components Old webcam 1 – 5mm LED high bright (white or other colour) 1 – Resistor 200 Ohms   Step 2: Disassemble the webcam and get ready to Disassemble the webcam

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PlayStation 4 TearDown – Lets Take A Look Inside The PS4

Courtesy of iFixit here we have a very interesting look on whats inside the PS4 hardware. After seven long years, the Sony PlayStation finally gets a 4 on the box. Join the iFixit team as they tear it open and see what’s changed – and if it was worth the wait. Working in partnership with their pals at Chipworks, they snagged one of the first North American consoles for a

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Funny Checkers Commercial – Loadshedding DIY Kit

Check out this funny yet usefull DIY Loadshedding Survival kit sponsored by Checkers.