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Curiosity 120$ eWaste Educational 3D Printer

Co-developed with the Poly University of Hong Kong, the Curiosity is an easy-to-assemble educational 3D printer which offers a super low-cost platform for educational purposes. 3D printing closes the gap between an idea or inspiration and the first prototype and enables people of all ages and backgrounds to make the leap to become an inventor!

However, since most 3D printers still cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the price has remained a huge barrier for most schools, parents, educators and kids. The Curiosity tries to close this gap! By up-cycling eWaste such as old DVD drives and PC Power Supplies, the Curiosity not only costs less than USD120 (we hope to reduce this to around 100USD once we can bring this project up to scale) but also educates children and adults about eWaste, environmental issues, recycling and up-cycling while learning everything about 3D printing!

Similar to what “one laptop per child” has done, I would like to open-source this technology and encourage educators around the world to adopt this platform and use it in their classrooms, i.e. “one 3D Printer per child”.

I could also imagine a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, where people can buy a kit for themselves for let’s say $300 while sponsoring at the same time a child somewhere in the world who can’t afford it.


Please feel free to join the Facebook group in order to enable more and more people into the world of 3D prototyping:


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