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DIY Arduino Wandering Robot

Today  over at instructables shows us how to create a Arduino Wandering Robot. This is a tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot that will wonder around and avoid walls and other obstacles.


Step 1: Get The Parts

Collect your Items:

Arduino Uno or Mega:… // uno link

H-Bridge Shield:…

Ultra Sonic Sensor:…


Batteries: I suggest 3 9v Batteries


(you don’t really need tools but maybe…)

Wire strippers

Soldering Iron



Step 2: Wiring

Start with the Arduino Uno;

Put the H-Bridge shield on top; (Making sure that the pins are all in the right spots)

Connect the sensor to the shield, put the “trig” to pin 10: put the “echo” to pin 9: and then Gnd to GND and Positive to 5V;

Connect 2 9v batteries to shield; (Do it in a series circuit)

Add the 2 dc motors to the inputs;


Step 3: Putting on the chassis

It should look something like this once it is done. The sensor should be at the front of the chassis. the Arduino behind it and then the battery packs behind the Arduino.


Step 4: Code

Copy the contents of this TXT file.


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