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Huge South African Made 3D Printer

Meet Hans Fouche, South Africa’s very own “King Of Makers” as dubbed by an article by Popular Mechanics SA. His Linkedin summary describes him as an Inventor and Engineer, that is fascinated with Rapid Prototyping, that have evolved into 3D Printing. His first “Rapid Prototyping” machine was build while he was Chief Aerodynamicist for the Brabham Formula One team 1990, to help him to build more models to test in the windtunnel. That machine squeezed out super glue, layer after layer! That technology was then used to do 3d printing with chocolate, and Fouche Chocolates was formed in 1996. In 2012 he went back to the emerging 3d printing market, and bought a Rapman, modified it, got frustrated with its limitations, and then build a much bigger machine and that led to the Cheetah 3d printer.


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