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IPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Today  over at instructables shows us how to replace your iPhone 5 screen. Original post here.


As with almost all Apple products, you’ve got to buy a fully assembled screen to attempt to fix it your self. You save your self time and frustration. BUY A FULLY ASSEMBLED REPLACEMENT PART. The vendors on eBay and sites like those are not out to help you, they are just looking for your money. You need to make sure you do the research before you buy the parts. So be smart when you buy the replacement; I proceeded to buy a fully assembled retina display and glass piece. THESE PIECES SHOULD NOT BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY. I STRESS THIS BECAUSE APPLE DOES THE LAMINATION OF THE TWO TOGETHER WHICH IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO DO BY HAND.


Step 1: Materials/Instruments


1. iPhone 5

2. iPhone 5 screen replacement assembly


1. Philips head size 00 screw driver (try to use a magnetized one) (flat head is always nice to have also)

2. X-Acto4.


4.Suction Cup (optional)

5. iPhone 5 Torx screwdriver (comes with kit)

6. Plastic Spudger Pry Tool


Step 2: Opening Up the Phone

Power down your phone!

This first step involves taking out the two “security screws” located by the charging port on the bottom of the phone. You’re going to want to use your Torx screwdriver for this, and until you close up the phone when you finish this will be the last time you use the Torx screwdriver.


Step 3: Prying Up the Screen

There are two ways to approach this step.

(be mindful that there are ribbon cables still connected on the top half of the screen/ the screen will not come off completely)

If your screen is not completely shattered:

You can use a suction cup to pull up from the bottom half of the screen. After you see the metal base separate from the plastic bezel you can use your plastic pry tools.

If your screen is completely shattered:

Carefully insert your Exacto knife in-between the space between the plastic bezel and the metal iPhone housing like the picture above shows.



Step 4: Removing Protection Plate

To remove ribbon cables connecting the phone and the screen we first have to remove the metal protection plate covering the 3 cables. Use your philips head screwdriver to remove the 3 screws that hold down the protection plate.

Once all of the screws are removed, push the plate towards the bottom of the phone. It should unclip. If the plate holds, try wiggling it loose.

To remove the ribbon cables simply use your plastic spudger tool. They should pop off easily.


Step 5: Transferring Speaker

Remove the two retention screws holding the speaker assembly to the screen bezel. The speaker is magnetized so be mindful that your screws may stick to it once loose. If you need to magnetize your tool you can conveniently brush it against the speaker and voila magnetized.


Step 6: Removing Screen Shield

With a philips head screwdriver remove the four screws on the sides of the screen assembly.

Remove the last screw near the home button holding the metal housing together.

This will loosen the housing enough so that the metal screen shield will come out easily


Step 7: Removing Front Facing Camera

With an X-Acto knife gently peal up on the adhesive holding the contacts on the phone. The camera should be nestled inside of a rubber housing. Pull up on the camera and it should come loose.


Step 8: Home Button Transplant

So it is time to start moving over to your new screen. After removing the home button, you’re going to have to give it a new place to live.

  • First remove the two screws holding the home button in place.
  • Use your X-Acto to peel off the contacts for the home button.


Step 9: Putting Everything Back Together

By following the steps in the reverse order you’ll be able to put all of the pieces of your old screen onto your new screen. Make sure when you’re pressing your screen back in place you apply even pressure to the entire screen to avoid cracking your new screen.


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