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It’s Official – Beam will be going into Production!

In only 4 weeks and 1973 backers, Kickstarter project Beam will soon be going into production. An internet Of Things device that is basically a projector equipped with a smart computer running Android is capable of projecting an image onto a flat surface. Designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings and is even capable of screwing into a standard Edison light bulb electrical socket makes this little gadget a must have piece of tech.


With Beam you can watch TV on your bedroom ceiling, play games using your phone or a Bluetooth controller, project recipes on your kitchen counter, stream content from your network drive, listen to music through its speakers, play projected board-games on your dining table, show a presentation or even use it in a restaurant to show the menu and turn the walls into digital paintings. Because Beam is running Android, you can use any app available in the Google Play Store. You can of course control Beam with the app on your Apple or Android device.



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