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Make A Simple Two Legged Walking Robot

Today  over at instructables shows us a quick and simple guide to build your very own two legged walking robot. One of the most difficult robot is two legged walking robot. Its balancing mechanism needs a complex circuit , lots of sensors, gyro, servos and mechanics. All the parts are controlled by microprocessors with complicated Firmware. But here we have made a very simple two legged walking robot for kids. To drive the legs we have used old CD player’s door opening mechanism. Mechanical structures were made from iron wires.


Step 1: Components/Part Necessary:

1> A old PC’s CD player / CD player door opening mechanism.

2> Battery: 3.7V Li-Po battery (140mAh to 330mAh)

3> Two Grenn 3mm LEDs to make eyes.

4> One small switch.

5> Iron wires.

6> some pipes from old pen refill or sketch pens.

7> Wire, soldering iron, some tools like screw driven, cutter, pliers, glue etc.


Step 2: Step-by-Step Video Instruction:


Step 3: Some Necessary Information:


Step 4: Schematic


The circuit was powered by a small 3.7V Li-Po Battery. Two green 3mm LEDs in series with 330Ohm resistors were used to make eyes.

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