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Arduino DIY Budget Photo Booth

Here is how you can build your own DIY Budget Photo booth with DSLR, Tablet and Arduino by Team Z over at instructables.   Step 1: Materials DSLR: We used a Canon 600D Tablet The App Shuttersnitch External Flash Wi-Fi SD card – We use one from transcend because it works fine and is even cheaper than a Eye – Fi – card Red Button A

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Engineer Builds Thor’s Hammer Using Arduino and Magnets

In Marvel comics, Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir is famous for being able to be wielded only by the worthy. For the unworthy, i.e., literally everyone except Thor and the odd someone else from time to time (a handy loophole for writers), Mjolnir simply cannot be lifted off the ground. It is this property that electrical engineer Allen Pan, aka Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube,decided to replicate in his very own take on

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Proudly South African Alternatives To Arduino

It’s a lot easier to get hold of hobbyist and prototyping boards in South Africa than it used to be, but while Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s are easy to get hold of, there’s still a premium on imported electronics that can make alternatives tricky to source. Introducing two of our very own local companies, Keystone Electronic Solutions brings us the cutely named Penguin Board, while Arrow Altech has created The Cherry Blossom.   The

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Use an Arduino to Control an Infra-red Remote Control

I used this for my own very specific problem but it could be used for anything really. The Problem: Most speakers are not smart, and so you have to turn them off manually, especially studio monitor type speakers. Because of this when left on (if you fall asleep or just forget switch them off), they waste a fair bit of power. In my bedroom setup for gaming, movies, music production

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Programmable DC Backup Power Supply (Video Tutorial)

Built inside a recycled ATX power supply case, Kedar Nimbalkar’s project is heavy on off-the-shelf components, like a laptop power supply for juice, a buck converter to charge the 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and a boost converter to raise the output to 19.6 volts. An Arduino and an optoisolator are in charge of controlling the charging cycle and switching the UPS from charging the battery to using it when

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Project Sentry Gun

Looking like it would fit in perfectly in the smash hit game Portal, this little turret can launch a barrage of rubber bands on command. Designed by Kevin Thomas, this perky little gatling gun is mostly 3D printed, with an Arduino for a brain. You can download the 3D printed files on Thomas’ Thingiverse page if you’d like to assemble one of your own. The simple firing mechanism, essentially just a

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Turn Your RockBand Rums Into MIDI Drums

EvanKale over at Instructables shows us how to converted RockBand or Guitar Hers Drum set into a MIDI drum controller using an Arduino, a real MIDI drum set that can interface with digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, etc.    Step 1: Watch the video!   Step 2: What you’ll need   We’re going to need an Arduino. I chose to use the Arduino UNO because I

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DIY Arduino Wandering Robot

Today JaceDuino over at instructables shows us how to create a Arduino Wandering Robot. This is a tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot that will wonder around and avoid walls and other obstacles.   Step 1: Get The Parts Collect your Items: Arduino Uno or Mega:… // uno link H-Bridge Shield:… Ultra Sonic Sensor:… Chassis:… Batteries: I suggest 3 9v Batteries Tools: (you don’t really need tools but

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