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Make A Simple Two Legged Walking Robot

Today Saurav Chakraborty over at instructables shows us a quick and simple guide to build your very own two legged walking robot. One of the most difficult robot is two legged walking robot. Its balancing mechanism needs a complex circuit , lots of sensors, gyro, servos and mechanics. All the parts are controlled by microprocessors with complicated Firmware. But here we have made a very simple two legged walking robot for kids. To

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DIY Arduino Wandering Robot

Today JaceDuino over at instructables shows us how to create a Arduino Wandering Robot. This is a tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot that will wonder around and avoid walls and other obstacles.   Step 1: Get The Parts Collect your Items: Arduino Uno or Mega:… // uno link H-Bridge Shield:… Ultra Sonic Sensor:… Chassis:… Batteries: I suggest 3 9v Batteries Tools: (you don’t really need tools but

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