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SA Drone Regulations: The Facts and Myths

DStv’s Edge, Science and Tech took to the skies to try and explain what can and can’t be done in terms of drone flying in South Africa. In the clip from the episode below, Edge talks to Ian Melamed, the CEO of ProWings about the rules and regulations.  

How To Get A Drone License In SA

Earlier this year, the laws around legal operation of remote control aircraft – aka drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) – changed in South Africa, introducing a framework for where and how drones can be flown, and who is allowed to fly them. These new restrictions and regulations don’t, on the whole, apply to the kind of quadcopters that are going to popular as presents this

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Join The Drone Academy at Curiosity Campus

Curiosity Campus is excited to announce our very first Drone Academy. Students will assemble their very own racing drone, learn how it works and then finally learn to fly it like a pro. (The drone is yours to keep, by the way!)   MIT graduate and drone entrepeneur James Paterson of Aerobotics will be teaching the four-part course at Curiosity Campus HQ in Cape Town from 21 July to 1

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South African Woman Receives The First Drone License On The Continent

A female pilot had been awarded the first drone licence on the continent, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) said yesterday.”The licence was issued on 10 July to Nicole Swart,” said spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu. “It makes her the first person to receive such a licence in South Africa, the continent, and most parts of the world.”Swart, 23, holds the highest pilot’s licence, namely the airline transport pilot’s licence. When

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Beautiful Cape Town As Seen By Drones

This awesome footage shot by youtuber Volkair using an unmanned aerial drone shows us just how beautiful the mother city is from a birds eye view.   An aerial tourist can have experiences previously only afforded by ‘high-flyers’ in helicopters. Cape Town’s amazing sights seen from above are mind blowing. This ‘drone’ is not evil. First Person Views shared with surfers, kids, teachers, joggers and tourists on the ground were fun for

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South African Drone Laws Come Into Effect

This article was originally published by BussinessTech.   The South African drone regulations come into effect on Wednesday (1 July) and are among the most stringent in the world, thanks to the Ministry of Transport. While anybody above the age of 18 will be allowed to purchase a drone – with or without a licence – the regulations restrict the use of drones dramatically, according to SA law firm, Cliffe

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Taxidermy Drones

So some bright spark decided hey lets put a dead animal’s skin on a RC Drone… Why oh why but hey it looks like it could be fun right? I don’t know man I don’t think i will enjoy seeing my dead pet flying around in circles i think that’s just asking for trouble #PetCemetary   Check out this video of a dead cat turned into a flying machine:   [embedyt][/embedyt]

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Radio-Controlled Imperial Star Destroyer

I found this interesting Gadget for all you Star Wars fans over at Makezine. CAD Designer Oliver C brings his Star Wars passion to life with this Radio-Controlled Imperial Star Destroyer. The frame is made out of light-weight expanded polystyren URSA XPS N III which he has carefully sculpted using a paper overlay as a guide. He has also built similar working flying models including the Tie Interceptor and the Millennium

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