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Curiosity 120$ eWaste Educational 3D Printer

Co-developed with the Poly University of Hong Kong, the Curiosity is an easy-to-assemble educational 3D printer which offers a super low-cost platform for educational purposes. 3D printing closes the gap between an idea or inspiration and the first prototype and enables people of all ages and backgrounds to make the leap to become an inventor! However, since most 3D printers still cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the price

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E-Waste 3D Printer DIY

Credits to¬†mikelllc   This project describes the design of a very low budget 3D Printer that is mainly built out of recycled electronic components. The result is a small format printer for less than 100$. First of all, we learn how a generic CNC system works (by assembling and calibrating bearings, guides and threads) and then teach the machine to respond to g-code instructions. After that, we add a small

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