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PlayStation 4 TearDown – Lets Take A Look Inside The PS4

Courtesy of iFixit here we have a very interesting look on whats inside the PS4 hardware. After seven long years, the Sony PlayStation finally gets a 4 on the box. Join the iFixit team as they tear it open and see what’s changed – and if it was worth the wait. Working in partnership with their pals at Chipworks, they snagged one of the first North American consoles for a

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Is The PlayStation Flow Real ?

Thought to be an April fools joke by Sony, the PlayStation Flow looks pretty real to me. Designed and created by the PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology division, this piece of tech seems a little gimmicky at first but hey i’m sure there there will be a market for this I mean come on literally playing games underwater is kinda cool.   Quoted directly from Sony’s website: PlayStation Flow lets you dive into

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