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RetroPie 3.0 is Released

Good news for all your RetroPie fans, version 3.0 has finally been released! This retro-gaming project brings together a collection of popular emulators for those computers and consoles that you grew up with from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, all wrapped up and ready to run on the famous Raspberry Pi. From Atari 2600, to Sega Mega Drive to Sony PlayStation, all your favourite systems are covered.   RetroPie 3.0 Key

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Turn Your Raspberry Pi into An FM Transmitter

Courtesy of RyanB27 over at Instructables today we show you how to exploit the fact that the Raspberry Pi supports AirPlay (through shairport), and combine it with the ‘hack’ that allows the Raspberry Pi to transmit FM signals, turning your raspberry pi into a dedicated AirPlay server and FM transmitter.   Here is the best part, the requirements: 1x Raspberry Pi (any model except Pi 2) 1x Long wire (preferably around 2 feet

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Controlling Fireworks With a Raspberry Pi

Check out this great tutorial by Chris Osborn over at Intentricity. Power is provided by a 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. I have the 12V battery go into my switch box which has two lighted switches on it, the output of one switch goes to the switching regulator to power the Pi, the other switch has one of those flip-down safety covers and goes through the relays to the fireworks.  

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Create a Realtime Raspberry Pi Security Camera

In this blog post, we’ll going to show you how you can use a Raspberry Pi (with just a few additional parts) to build your very own Raspberry Pi Security Camera which can detect motion, detect human faces, and alert you if people are detected. If detected, a notification is sent in realtime. We’ll be using both the JavaScript SDK and Python SDK.     PubNub Security Camera: Create a Realtime

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Setting up a 7-inch Touchscreen on a Pi 2 with Windows IoT Core

This article gives credit to Falafel Software and expects that you already have a Raspberry Pi 2 and that it is running the Windows IoT Core operating system. If you don’t currently have this setup it is quite easy to begin by going to the Windows on Devices website.   Disclaimer: Windows IoT Core Insider preview is not an officially released product. Expect some changes as the product matures and is

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RaspBerry Pi Bomb Spotted!

The Raspberry Pi has made its way to the big screen as seen in the below trailer for the movie Point Break set to be released this December. Two Pi’s in a clear plastic case are shown to be connected to an explosive device through its audio jacks, no doubt its to be used as the “trigger” mechanism by way of an audible signal. What seems to be an LCD touch

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Access Your RaspBerry Pi Over the Internet

Ever wanted to remotely control your Raspberry Pi over the internet from anywhere in the world? Introducing the Weaved IoT Kit which allows you to do just that easily in no time at all.   The IoT Kit brings all the power of the Weaved Internet of Things fabric to Raspberry Pi in an easy to use solution, so that you can make your Pi application available remotely from any browser

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How To Make A Retro Arcade Machine

In my previous post “What Is A Raspberry Pi” you would have noticed that there are many uses for Pi and in this post I am going to show you how a guy by the name of Bob Clagett created his very own retro arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi. This article will hopefully give you some ideas and inspire you to make you own arcade machine with parts laying around at

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What Is A Raspberry Pi

Arguably one of the cheapest Linux powered computers on the planet right now, the Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized circuit board developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and was designed to teach young kids programming skills and to get a better understanding of how computers work. But since it’s launch because of its easy to use nature people of all ages young and old from all

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