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Bring Your Retro Game Controllers Back To Life

The KADE miniConsole+ is a versatile gaming device that connects retro gamepads and controllers to a huge variety of computers and consoles using plug and play detection. The KADE team are currently working on fulfilment of the Kickstarter rewards with shipment set for September 2015 and we plan to open general sales of miniConsole+ soon after.   Preorder will be available soon so please visit our preorder page and sign up for

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How To Make A Retro Arcade Machine

In my previous post “What Is A Raspberry Pi” you would have noticed that there are many uses for Pi and in this post I am going to show you how a guy by the name of Bob Clagett created his very own retro arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi. This article will hopefully give you some ideas and inspire you to make you own arcade machine with parts laying around at

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