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Complete Motor guide for Robotics

Robot is an electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task. Roboticists develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modeled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming”. This definition implies that a device can only be called a “robot” if

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Robot swarms: scientists work to harness the power of the insect world

The hive mentality is inspiring the latest advances in technology and the US military is already experimenting with swarms of robotic boats and aircrafts

Drone firing handgun appears in video

Home-made quadcopter capable of firing pistol at least four times while airborne posted on YouTube

Powered picnicking to colour-coding robots

Our favourite tech innovations this week include a refreshing new way to share party snaps, and a carry-on briefcase that carries you

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says humans will be robots’ pets

Humans will be taken care of like pets should robots take over because AI will want to preserve us as part of nature

Try, Robot: Darpa contest sends new humanoids into ‘nuclear reactor’

At an event that combines the feel of a trade fair with a Mythbusters episode, robots compete in navigating simulation of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant

Darpa robotics challenge: South Korea’s humanoid nets team $2m

US defense department awards prizes in event that featured robots built and piloted with funding from sources that included Amazon and Nasa

Uber’s first self-driving car spotted in Pittsburgh

A car fitted with cameras and laser scanners has been seen driving on public roads in the US, as Uber’s research centre starts testing technology

Say Hello to PLEN2

The world’s first 3D Printable Open-Sourced Humanoid Robot Kit is the brain child of Natsuo Akazawa, founder and CEO of PLEN Project Company, along with 3 others have started the PLEN2 project over at Kickstarter and have already met their $40,000 Goal with the help of 85 backers to date.     The PLEN2 kit consists of control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself with just a simple screw driver. For

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