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Robot swarms: scientists work to harness the power of the insect world

The hive mentality is inspiring the latest advances in technology and the US military is already experimenting with swarms of robotic boats and aircrafts

Man takes to the skies in world-first pentacontakaitetracopter

YouTuber gasturbine101 flies in a 54-rotor homemade vehicle

Drone firing handgun appears in video

Home-made quadcopter capable of firing pistol at least four times while airborne posted on YouTube

Powered picnicking to colour-coding robots

Our favourite tech innovations this week include a refreshing new way to share party snaps, and a carry-on briefcase that carries you

After the prototype PlayStation: six more obscure games consoles

A late-1980s SNES-CD console ditched by Sony and Nintendo was discovered last month. Here are six other elusive games machines for look out for …

South African Drone Laws Come Into Effect

This article was originally published by BussinessTech.   The South African drone regulations come into effect on Wednesday (1 July) and are among the most stringent in the world, thanks to the Ministry of Transport. While anybody above the age of 18 will be allowed to purchase a drone – with or without a licence – the regulations restrict the use of drones dramatically, according to SA law firm, Cliffe

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