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Apple Watch review: beautiful hardware spoiled by complicated software

Apple’s much hyped smartwatch is carefully crafted with a masterful design, but poor battery life and confusing software mean curious consumers should wait

Get yourself connected: is the internet of things the future of fashion?

The catwalk has long been exploring the potential of tech and the results are playful, from a dress inspired by Tinkerbell to a wearable spider

Gesture Controlled Spider Bots

An arachnophobes worst nightmare, yes that’s right a gesture controlled spider robot! Meet Curie, Intel’s wearable technology solution introduced by CEO Brian M. Krzanich at this year’s Intel Developer Forum Shenzhen. Krzanich demonstrated on stage how he was able to control 4 spider robots by “waking them up” simply by twisting his hand palm side up then raising his arm in an upwards motion, he then went on to command the robots to change

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