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Vehicle Owners Beware – Hacking Your Car Is Now a Mainstream Reality

A 24 year old, Eric Evenchick will be demonstrating his latest invention called the CANtact also known as CANard at this years Black Hat Asia security conference in Singapore. This open sourced board connects to your computer via USB on the one end and the other to a vehicles OBD2 port. Now there are a plethora of Vehicle Diagnostic and Programming Tools out there in the market today, what makes this one special is that you are now able to easily script your own code using the Open-Source Phython library and all this for just $60. Click here to order yours today!


At the conference he will be demonstrating some of the many features such as how to read and clear fault codes, crack diagnostics security, and fuzz controllers to take over vehicle operation. The average Joe may not be familiar with the protocol most ECU’s use to communicate with the vehicles various components but fear not Eric has written open source software for CANtact that automates much of the manual work of CAN bus hacking over at his GitHub repository.


This video clip showing some of the possible “hacks” one can achieve first showed up on Forbes back in 2013 shows Charlie Miller and Travis Colins showing of some pretty cool stuff in their Honda Prius.



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