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May 2015

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will ship in early 2016

After months of rumours that the first commercial model of Facebook’s VR headset would slip beyond 2015, company confirms the news

What is the internet of things?

Google searches have been filled with questions about the internet of things. What is it and why does it matter? Is it safe? Is it even real? Here are some answers

Create Your Own Spooky Effects

For those fortunate enough to have an un-used projector or flatscreen TV laying around, why not put them to some good use creating realistic looking spooky effects. AtmosFX is a Seattle-based creative studio pioneering a new way to decorate for holidays and special events. Head over to for some great ideas to trick friends and family with illusions that will blow their minds and not your wallet. There are some great easy

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Twitter kills MS-Dos games embedded in tweets

Social network kills MS-Dos gaming fun, saying interactives and games breach its embedded cards terms of service

Embedding classic MS-DOS games into tweets is now a thing

Procrastination nation has hit peak performance as users discover 2,600 MS-DOS games can be embedded and played directly into Twitter

TV White Spaces & Their Applications

TV White Spaces are the frequency spectrum allocated for broadcasting purpose but are not currently being used by the TV stations. Since those stations began switching to digital television  with digitally processed advanced multiplexed…

Tesla’s new low-cost battery: ‘the missing piece’ in sustainable energy?

Elon Musk says ‘this is within the power of humanity to do so’ as he unveils new batteries in effort to change the way the world consumes energy