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August 2015

DIY Smartphone Projector

Always wanted to get yourself a projector but could not afford one? Why not build one of your own using a shoe box with these really easy to follow steps by ronald laureta over at instructables.   Step 1: Things that you need materials: -magnifying glass (cut handle) -smartphone -glue stick -shoebox (any kind that fits in your phone or tablet) tools: -glue gun -cutter   Step 2: Glue the side of

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DIY Mini Phone Speakers

Today Saiyam over at instructables gives us a great tutorial on how to build your own portable speakers. Here are some of its great features:   Has loud and clear sound according to its size. Is small, slim and lightweight thus can easily be fixed to your phone. No external cables required to plug it. Already has an audio jack. Is powered using button cells so no external power supply

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Project Sentry Gun

Looking like it would fit in perfectly in the smash hit game Portal, this little turret can launch a barrage of rubber bands on command. Designed by Kevin Thomas, this perky little gatling gun is mostly 3D printed, with an Arduino for a brain. You can download the 3D printed files on Thomas’ Thingiverse page if you’d like to assemble one of your own. The simple firing mechanism, essentially just a

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Recycle Old Laptop Battery

In this instructable by smandal13 we will show you how you can recycle old laptop battery pack. If you are using a laptop then after few years of usage the battery performance decreases and a time comes when your battery pack is no longer supplying power.   Step 1: Some basic ideas Have you ever wondered what is inside the battery pack of laptop? What kind of battery is used? Why there

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Build an USB LED light from an old webcam

Today DuartmaN over at instructables is going to show you how to build a USB LED light from an old webcam.   Step 1: Components and tools Tools: Soldering iron Driller 5mm Drill Multimeter Hot glue gun Adhesive tape Miscellaneous tools Components Old webcam 1 – 5mm LED high bright (white or other colour) 1 – Resistor 200 Ohms   Step 2: Disassemble the webcam and get ready to Disassemble the webcam

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Hack a computer on your network with kali linux

Here is a not so detailed How-to guide by CoenW1 on hacking a computer on your local area network so use your imagination on this one… hint hint, nudge nudge 🙂   Step 1: Start Kali Linux Start Kali Linux and start a new terminal.   Step 2: Start the Metasploit console Start the Metasploit console by typing: msfconsole This will take a few moments…   Step 3: The commands:

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DIY WiFi Smoke Detector

Check out this cool instructable by Proto G the DIY Wifi Smoke Detector. This is a simple WiFI Smoke Detector that sends text messages when it senses smoke.     Step 1: What You Will Need 1. Particle Photon 2. MQ2 sensor 3. Piezo buzzer 4. Prototyping Board 5. 5V USB battery or usb wall charger 6. IFTTT(If This Then That) account for texting, calling, emailing, controlling outlets.   Step 2: Assembly

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Ever wonder how a crystal oscillator works?

For those more tech savvy individuals Craig over at shows us a very informative video on how crystal oscillators work.   You can view the original post here.  

IPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Today LucasOchoa over at instructables shows us how to replace your iPhone 5 screen. Original post here.   As with almost all Apple products, you’ve got to buy a fully assembled screen to attempt to fix it your self. You save your self time and frustration. BUY A FULLY ASSEMBLED REPLACEMENT PART. The vendors on eBay and sites like those are not out to help you, they are just looking for your

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Great South African Inventions

In case you missed it here are some of the many inventions to emerge from South Africa over the years. The items featured here are extracted from the book, Great South African Inventions.   Kreepy Krauly Ferdinand Chauvier was a hydraulics engineer who came to South Africa from the former Belgian Congo in 1951. Realising that there was a huge market for equipment that would eliminate the physical labour from

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