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Arduino Coding Level 1 Workshop 27 October

To get the most out of Arduino, you have to understand the flow of a program’s code. Think of it as structuring and formatting an essay, but the essay interacts with the world and does cool stuff! Join Curiosity Campus and instructor Richard Gurwitz for this special session and you will learn about: Flow Diagrams Basic Operators and arithmetic If Statements While Loops Do While loops For loops The difference between Local vs Global

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FPGAS For The Raspberry Pi

FPGA development has advanced dramatically in the last year, and this is entirely due to an open-source toolchain for Lattice’s iCE40 FPGA. Last spring, the bitstream for this FPGA was reverse engineered and a toolchain made available for anything that can run Linux, including a Raspberry Pi. [Dave] from Xess thought it was high time for a Raspberry Pi FPGA board. With the help of this open-source toolchain, he can

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Arduino DIY Budget Photo Booth

Here is how you can build your own DIY Budget Photo booth with DSLR, Tablet and Arduino by Team Z over at instructables.   Step 1: Materials DSLR: We used a Canon 600D Tablet The App Shuttersnitch External Flash Wi-Fi SD card – We use one from transcend because it works fine and is even cheaper than a Eye – Fi – card Red Button A

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Engineer Builds Thor’s Hammer Using Arduino and Magnets

In Marvel comics, Thor’s legendary hammer Mjolnir is famous for being able to be wielded only by the worthy. For the unworthy, i.e., literally everyone except Thor and the odd someone else from time to time (a handy loophole for writers), Mjolnir simply cannot be lifted off the ground. It is this property that electrical engineer Allen Pan, aka Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube,decided to replicate in his very own take on

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Join The Drone Academy at Curiosity Campus

Curiosity Campus is excited to announce our very first Drone Academy. Students will assemble their very own racing drone, learn how it works and then finally learn to fly it like a pro. (The drone is yours to keep, by the way!)   MIT graduate and drone entrepeneur James Paterson of Aerobotics will be teaching the four-part course at Curiosity Campus HQ in Cape Town from 21 July to 1

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Looking Back at rAge 2015

rAge 2015 has come and gone, here are some of the highlights if you missed it!

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