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Nintendo Game Boy Raspberry Pi Zero Mod

YouTube content creator wermy (no real name given) has produced a work of art by replacing the innards of an original Game Boy with the Zero, and making it so much better. The result is the Game Boy Zero, an unassuming handheld that can play Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis games and more. So, how did he do this? First the Game Boy had to be gutted to make space for

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House4Hack Maker Academy

H4H Academy courses are presented by volunteers who are experts in their respective fields. All profits are reinvested to improve the makerspace and tooling. House4Hack is an initiative to bring together technology specialists and entrepreneurs in an informal setting. The courses are a good introduction to the house. The setting is a 400 m² house in Lyttleton Manor in Centurion equipped with various prototyping tools and facilities. The maker space

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LED TV Screen Glitch Fixed With Light

Check out this really strange but useful fix for anybody owning LED TV with a similar problem. Dyril over at EEVBlog had a faulty Samsung UN32EH500 LED TV, the screen was displaying white lines on one side which can only be described as “Glitching” and while shining a light on a faulty chip near the ribbon connector the lines magically disappear.  

Where To Find Free WiFi in Cape Town

In our previous article we revealed the City of Cape Towns plans to setup free hotspots and in this article we will show you a map of the current ones which are live and up and running. Plans are on course to set up 30 more zones in the following areas: Albow Gardens Brackenfell Clinic Brackenfell Library Brackenfell Town Hall Claremont Clinic Eastridge Clinic Hanover Park Clinic Heideveld Clinic Kraaifontein Admin

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City Of Cape Town Plans More Free WiFi For 2016

By the end of March, the City of Cape Town metro plans to have added 30 free public WiFi hotspots to its list of 189 existing locations, keeping it hot on the tails of Tshwane and Joburg. Vennessa Scholtz, the city’s media liaison officer, told that it’s currently preparing a tender to contract with commercial service providers to deliver internet access using municipal infrastructure on a ‘concession’ basis, meaning the city

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World’s First $15 Single Board 64bit Computer

The PINE64 is an open source platform from both hardware to software. It’s a versatile single board computer capable of running today’s most advanced 64 bit version of Android and Linux. Use the PINE64 to build your next computer, tablet, gaming device, media player, and just almost anything you can think of. The ARM 64-bit processor significantly increases performance over its 32-bit counterpart. Besides the performance increase, the 64-bit processor is more power

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Hands-on DIY Maker Training courses For Cape Town Makers

So you have a project but NO Tools, Space or Expertise? Check out Maker Station HQ: 9 Plein Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. Maker Stations is a network of, by and for Makers, Suppliers and Service providers everywhere. See the Maker Station guide and information sheet for setting up a workshop series or maker event. Supporting facilities include hand tools, small bench tools and for experts a metal work studio and Machine Room;

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Complete Motor guide for Robotics

Robot is an electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task. Roboticists develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modeled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming”. This definition implies that a device can only be called a “robot” if

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Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly

Circuit Scribe is for Makers, STEM Educators, Artists, Kids, & Life Hackers. No shaking, no squeezing, no goop, no smell, no waiting for ink to dry. Circuit Scribe draws smooth lines with conductive silver ink and allows you to create functioning circuits instantly.     Invent Instantly Circuit Scribe is for Makers of all ages and skill sets. STEM Education: Circuit Scribe was made for project based learning.  Kids can build

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