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Homemade Air (Gas) Gun

In this instructable by DIY ZE we will show you how to make an air gun using Co2 inflator, See video below for simple instructions…



Here is what you will need:

  1. Co2 inflator
  2. air duster gun
  3. metal tube(barrel)
  4. wood
  5. Co2 cartridges
  6. glue gun
  7. cable ties
  8. isolating tape



Step 1: Make a Valve Connector


You’ll need to connect duster gun to Co2 bike inflator. Since it’s made for bike tyre inflation, I’m using inner tubes valve as connector. Co2 cartridge pressure is very high, so you’ll need to seal all the gaps tightly. I used hot glue all over to prevent air to come out.

Step 2: Place Cartridge and Prepare Materials


Place your Co2 cartridge into inflator. After check for air leaks. Cut desirable length barrel, and two pieces of wood.

Step 3: Assemble The Gun


Using cable ties attach piece of wood at the end of air duster gun. Then in the same way attach barrel to another piece of wood.
Once that is done, connect barrel to the gun with hinges.

Step 4: Load and Shoot


First you’ll need to put some rubber bands on, to secure barrel. then pull barrel down to be able to load gun with dart. Then release air from Co2 cartridge into a duster gun. PULL THE TRIGGER and shoot.

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