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Java South Africa`s inaugural Conference will be hosted in Cape Town

One of the most popular programming languages in the world is getting its own conference thanks to Java South Africa.

The inaugural “I Code Java Conference” will be taking place in Cape Town and invites anyone willing to part with their debug consoles to come and train, as well as connect with their fellow developers.

The two days will be filled with practicals as well as talks from experts. Indran Naick; CTO for IBM Cloud Ecosystem in Africa and the Middle East as well as Nitsan Wakart; a programmer that has worked on numerous projects including army intelligence, will be joining the long list of speakers.


Thanks to the sponsors of the event, 20% of the tickets will be allocated, free of charge, to students so they can also get in on the coding. Luckystudents will be rubbing shoulders with established professionals at the conference.

Speaking of java, tickets include: lunch and tea/coffee.

Java (and to a lesser degree, the older language Pascal) will be on the mind of many matrics as final exam season kicks off with computer-based subjects.


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