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Jonga Community Alert System

Community Alert System
A simple, low cost, easy to install, innovative, community based alert system for townships.

The system consists of sensors and a transmission unit. The sensors can be placed in places of possible entry around the house. When an intruder tries to gain entry into the house the sensors trigger an alert command in the transmission unit. You get notified of the intrusion via your cellphone. You can either choose to alert your neighbours or dismiss it as a false alarm. If you choose to alert your neighbours they receive a notification stating that you have an intrusion. After they have received the notification they can choose to react.

South African townships are filled with many opportunistic criminals who usually burgle houses for drug money. Alerting the surrounding community when an intruder is present, aims to frighten the intruder away. Calling for the surrounding community to help when a single house is under threat introduces a sense of community within the neighbourhood.



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