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Raspberry Pi Based HVAC Automation System

Another great kickstarter campaign check out Pi Cubes by Cube-Controls Inc. 

Pi Cubes is modular DIY/Hobby HVAC Automation system based on the Raspberry Pi Linux Board.

System is designed on the principles that commercial Building/HVAC automation systems are designed, only leveraged down to the Hobby/DIY market.

Pi-Cubes provides a complete solution by using Raspberry Pi to control your home HVAC system in any complexity. You may control your Furnace, Boilers, Humidifiers, Air Handler Units, Dampers, Valves and any other HVAC equipment.

Pi-Cubes may be used not just for HVAC automation, with choice of different I/O boards you may control your garage door, garden sprinklers and anything else that could be automated.

Raspberry Pi provides a wide range of programming options, from Python, Node JS, C/C++ and all kind of existing control frameworks.




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