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Rifle Scope From Old Binoculars

In this project by  over at instructables we learn how to make a rifle scope or rimfire scope using an old binoculars. To get started you will need:


  • binoculars
  • synthetic rope
  • a triangle file
  • super glue


Step 1: Disassembling binoculars

Disassemble binoculars to get access to second lense (usually it is pressed by sleeve)


Step 2: Setting the reticle

You need to find a distance above the lens, on which you can clearly see anything you put. In other words, you need to find a focus distance of lense, so something placed on that distance will be focused on infinity.


Step 3: Attaching the reticle

To get a necessary distance, Grind some gap in the plastic sleeve above the lense. Make 4 gaps to attach 2 lines, that will form a reticle. Reticle will be made of one fiber of synthetic rope. Black rope is the best, but if you have only white rope, you can paint it with permanent marker. So when you grind a necessary distance and fix a fiber on it, you can see a reticle very clearly through the ocular.


Step 4: Finish

All done the finished product should now look like this:

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