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Funny Checkers Commercial – Loadshedding DIY Kit

Check out this funny yet usefull DIY Loadshedding Survival kit sponsored by Checkers.    

Eskom – What a Total Blackout Could Be Like

The following video featured on National Geographic simulates what a total power outage could be like. The footage shown is not real but it gives you a rough idea of what would happen should the national power grid fail. I imagine it would be similar in that power outages would start in the form of load shedding perhaps stage 3 or more and then would become more and more frequent

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Eskom National Power Blackout – Survival Tips & Tricks

It’s always best to be prepared in case of a total national power blackout which could last for weeks so keep these handy DIY tips in mind. In addition to these you may want to stock up on water because the water being delivered to your home are done so using electronically powered pumps and even the water filtration system runs on electricity. Cash is also good to keep on hand

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