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Bolt – The Cloud Connected Electric Motorbike

The bike is keyless and can start with a unique passcode or from your smartphone. The Bolt app will locate your vehicle, should any harm come to it. Parents will also enjoy some controls on the app that will allow them to limit the top speed of the bike and keep wild teenagers in check. The M-1 also comes with a USB port for plugging in your smartphone while on the

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FONA MiniGSM Phone Module

The FONA MiniGSM Module from Adafruit is an awesome piece of tech perfect for those of you wanting to build a mobile phone or perhaps you want to hook it up to your existing projects and add voice, text, SMS and data. Note that on its own this module doesn’t do much you will need a micro-controller such as an Arduino to drive it.   Here are some features for this device:

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The World’s First Robotic Chef

  The year is 2017, you are at work just about to finish up for the day but before you leave you send instructions over the internet via your smart phone to your Robotic Chef to cook you up some dinner, with hundreds of recipes at your fingertips you decide on Lamb Chops Marinated with Red Wine and when you get home dinner is served ! Sounds to good to

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Access Your RaspBerry Pi Over the Internet

Ever wanted to remotely control your Raspberry Pi over the internet from anywhere in the world? Introducing the Weaved IoT Kit which allows you to do just that easily in no time at all.   The IoT Kit brings all the power of the Weaved Internet of Things fabric to Raspberry Pi in an easy to use solution, so that you can make your Pi application available remotely from any browser

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It’s Official – Beam will be going into Production!

In only 4 weeks and 1973 backers, Kickstarter project Beam will soon be going into production. An internet Of Things device that is basically a projector equipped with a smart computer running Android is capable of projecting an image onto a flat surface. Designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings and is even capable of screwing into a standard Edison light bulb electrical socket makes this little gadget a must have piece of tech.  

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The Wunder Bar

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly gaining traction in the electronics hobbyist community, we have seen quite a few projects over at kickstarter and now with Amazon offering cloud services for IoT I am sure we will be hearing more and more on this topic. So what is IoT anyway? Here is a quick definition from Wikipedia: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded

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