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Inside The Garage, Microsoft’s Giant MakerSpace

Imagine you had a space at your work where you could go during your free time to design and construct personal projects, all with company resources. If you work for Microsoft on its Redmond campus, that is actually a reality. Over the last couple of years, Microsoft has been on a campaign to change the company’s internal way of thinking, and with that came a change in how the company operates

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How Facebook is bringing virtual reality gaming within touching distance

Oculus Rift has linked up with Microsoft as it prepares to bring VR to the home, and developers’ enthusiasm appears undiminished by past disappointments

E3 2015 – Microsoft Press Conference

Watch the E3 2015 Microsoft Press conference brought to you by CNET. Fast forward to 8:55 to begin.  

E3 2015: will living room PCs and virtual reality shake up the console war?

Smartphones were once the major disruptive force in the games industry, but now Steam Machines and immersive entertainment technologies are set to stir things up again

Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade: five questions answered

Last week’s column on Windows 10 resulted in many more readers’ questions. Here’s a handful, though nothing is certain until Microsoft launches the code

Twitter kills MS-Dos games embedded in tweets

Social network kills MS-Dos gaming fun, saying interactives and games breach its embedded cards terms of service

Embedding classic MS-DOS games into tweets is now a thing

Procrastination nation has hit peak performance as users discover 2,600 MS-DOS games can be embedded and played directly into Twitter

What is Wi-Fi calling and will it solve my mobile phone black spot?

New service routes calls, texts and voicemail over the internet so that the phone works even without mobile signal. But why should you care?