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Convert Your Old PS1 Into A PiStaytion

Now in the world of retro gaming, people aren’t happy with a circuit board sitting naked on their TV stand / computer desk with bundles of wires and cables poking out. They want to replicate the feeling of playing on their old favorite console, but with the added twist of seeing the surprised looks on their friends’ faces when they startup a custom system running lots of different console emulators.

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E3 2015 – Sony Press Conference

Watch the E3 2015 Sony Press Conference brought to you by Gamespot. Fast forward to 31:24 to begin.      

Six important video games you’ll never see in a hall of fame

The Strong museum in New York has opened a World Video Game Hall of Fame – here are the historic titles that won’t be included any time soon

Project Morpheus: Sony’s plan to make virtual reality a social experience

Everyone envisions that virtual reality will be about isolating yourself from the real world, but that’s not exactly what Sony has in mind