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Aria Adds Gesture Control to Android Wear

  It looks like magic…but it’s not.     Aria is a hands-free remote that recognizes your finger movements from the wrist. You wear it, calibrate it and it will work. Aria takes advantage of a brand new set of sensors capable of detecting different finger tapping, flicking and other movements. The device is worn inside the watch strap and is so sleek and comfortable that you will hardly notice it.

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What is the internet of things?

Google searches have been filled with questions about the internet of things. What is it and why does it matter? Is it safe? Is it even real? Here are some answers

Apple Watch review: beautiful hardware spoiled by complicated software

Apple’s much hyped smartwatch is carefully crafted with a masterful design, but poor battery life and confusing software mean curious consumers should wait

Get yourself connected: is the internet of things the future of fashion?

The catwalk has long been exploring the potential of tech and the results are playful, from a dress inspired by Tinkerbell to a wearable spider

Nine reasons only a tool would buy the Apple Watch

Tim Cook has announced the Apple Watch, including a solid gold version for £13,500. But who would actually buy it? And why would they want to?