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Programmable DC Backup Power Supply (Video Tutorial)

Built inside a recycled ATX power supply case, Kedar Nimbalkar’s project is heavy on off-the-shelf components, like a laptop power supply for juice, a buck converter to charge the 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and a boost converter to raise the output to 19.6 volts. An Arduino and an optoisolator are in charge of controlling the charging cycle and switching the UPS from charging the battery to using it when

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UPS Multiplug Hack

With all the power cuts recently thanks to Eskom and their “Load Shedding” I decided to re-use my old APC UPS to power something other than my computer and monitor. With the Multiplug plug hack I connected the conventional “Kettle” plug cable to an ordinary household 220v multiplug adapter. So far I was able to power my Telkom ADSL router, 8 port switch, PlayStation 3 and even a hair clipper.   !!!WARNING!!!

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APC Back-UPS RS 800 USB Mod

I got hold of a used APC Back-UPS RS 800 but unfortunately did not get the data cable which gets supplied with the unit when purchased new so i decided to make my own. The problem with these units is that the data port at the back uses a RJ50 instead of a RJ45 connector and these cables are kinda hard to come by. The difference between the two is

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