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Where To Find Free WiFi in Cape Town

In our previous article we revealed the City of Cape Towns plans to setup free hotspots and in this article we will show you a map of the current ones which are live and up and running. Plans are on course to set up 30 more zones in the following areas: Albow Gardens Brackenfell Clinic Brackenfell Library Brackenfell Town Hall Claremont Clinic Eastridge Clinic Hanover Park Clinic Heideveld Clinic Kraaifontein Admin

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City Of Cape Town Plans More Free WiFi For 2016

By the end of March, the City of Cape Town metro plans to have added 30 free public WiFi hotspots to its list of 189 existing locations, keeping it hot on the tails of Tshwane and Joburg. Vennessa Scholtz, the city’s media liaison officer, told that it’s currently preparing a tender to contract with commercial service providers to deliver internet access using municipal infrastructure on a ‘concession’ basis, meaning the city

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DIY WiFi Smoke Detector

Check out this cool instructable by Proto G the DIY Wifi Smoke Detector. This is a simple WiFI Smoke Detector that sends text messages when it senses smoke.     Step 1: What You Will Need 1. Particle Photon 2. MQ2 sensor 3. Piezo buzzer 4. Prototyping Board 5. 5V USB battery or usb wall charger 6. IFTTT(If This Then That) account for texting, calling, emailing, controlling outlets.   Step 2: Assembly

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Long Range Repeater – Video Tutorial

andrew mcneil shows us a great video tutorial for building a long range repeater for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This is based around a small USB repeater that you can get from ebay here: This repeater uses a cantenna as a directional antenna to radiate the signal over a long distance and a dipole omnidirectional antenna to pick up the original signal from the router.