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UPS Multiplug Hack

With all the power cuts recently thanks to Eskom and their “Load Shedding” I decided to re-use my old APC UPS to power something other than my computer and monitor. With the Multiplug plug hack I connected the conventional “Kettle” plug cable to an ordinary household 220v multiplug adapter. So far I was able to power my Telkom ADSL router, 8 port switch, PlayStation 3 and even a hair clipper.



Modifying or using your UPS in any manner not specified by the manufacturer will void your warranty. Do not attempt to power heavy electronic devices this will most certainly DAMAGE your UPS. Please follow the necessary safety precautions when working with electricity. Attempt at your own risk cannot be held liable for any loss or damage!


Devices Confirmed Working on Battery Backup:

  • ADSL Router
  • 4 Port Network Switch
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Hair Clippers


Devices Confirmed NOT WORKING on battery backup:

  • Hot Water Heater “Kettle” – (DO NOT even attempt this as it will send your UPS in OVERLOAD)


Here is the multiplug with UPS :



Here is a video of my UPS running on battery backup powering an ADSL Router & Switch




This video shows a PlayStation 3 running on battery backup




This video shows a Hair Clipper running on battery backup



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