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World’s First $15 Single Board 64bit Computer

The PINE64 is an open source platform from both hardware to software. It’s a versatile single board computer capable of running today’s most advanced 64 bit version of Android and Linux. Use the PINE64 to build your next computer, tablet, gaming device, media player, and just almost anything you can think of. The ARM 64-bit processor significantly increases performance over its 32-bit counterpart. Besides the performance increase, the 64-bit processor is more power efficient and consumes less energy. The Pine A64 CPU is quad-core ARM A-53 64-bit processor and runs at 1.2GHz. The CPU’s MIPS benchmarks around 11,040 which makes it capabilities roughly equivalent to the Sony PS3’s level of performance or a netbook running AMD E-240 CPU at 1.5GHz.


PINE A64 compared with Raspberry Pi

pine64 vs raspberry pi


PINE A64 compared with with C.H.I.P and Arduino

pine64 vs chip and arduino


Add different hardware interfaces to your PINE A64 as you see fit. Depending on whether you pick the PINE A64 or PINE A64+, the PINE A64 ships defaults with two USB ports, HDMI output, 3.5mm Audio/Mic Output, ethernet port, and two I/O expansion buses. On the more advanced PINE A64+ model, you will receive three additional ports to add optional accessories such as: camera module, touch panel module, and the LCD Panel port.

Because PINE A64 is an open source platform, you can load anything you want but we suggest to pair PINE A64 with Ubuntu, Android or openHAB IoT. By aligning the PINE A64 to be compatible with these operating systems, you basically get access to over 1.7 Million apps on the market today, from utilities, games, and media apps.


pine64 layout

PINE64 size comparison

More information on where to get PINE64 here.

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