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World’s First Open Source and Modular Phone

Create a phone yourself in minutes and hack a new way to communicate with things, RePhone is an open source and modular phone kit.



With Rephone you can:

1.Create your own phone in minutes with the slim MODULES, accessible SOFTWARE, and customizable Phone Enclosures.

2.Hack anything around you, giving inanimate objects the power of cellular communication. Have a conversation with your pets, plants, toys, motorcycle helmets, robots, or drones through RePhone’s GSM and 3G functions.

RePhone is a set of tools and components that allows everyone including students, teachers, makers, hackers, geeks, artists, developers and engineers rethink, remix, redesign and remake the phone.

RePhone comes in three kits RePhone Core Module GSM + BLE, RePhone Core Module 3G and RePhone kit Create.

RePhone GSM + BLE features the world’s smallest System-on-Chip (SOC) for Wearables and Internet Of Things. It offers a wide range of communication protocols including GSM, GPRS and Bluetooth (4.0 and 2.1 Dual mode). It supports quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, connecting onto any global GSM network.

  • Powerful microcontroller
  • Standard xadow interface, USB, 20*GPIO(I2C\SPI\UART\EINT)
  • Support analog audio interface(1*speaker, 2*mic, 1*headset)
  • Compatible with all xadow modules
  • Nano SIM, button, LED, antenna
  • HSPA/WCDMA:850/1900
  • GPRS/EDGE:850/1900
  • Voltage:3.3-4.2V

Xadow Duino is a specially designed add-on module which allows to build up awesome lighting devices in minutes with the most popular addressable RGB LED WS2812b. As a bonus, the built-in ATmega32u4 MCU and micro USB allows it to be programmed and work independently without connecting to any core modules.

Xadow Basic Sensor features a three-in-one sensor boards, it integrates a 3-Axis Accelerometer, a Temperature Sensor and a Light Sensor on one single board.

RePhone family will keep growing with more add-on modules and even richer features, like single eye display and camera modules.


RePhone use the build-in kraft paper to lower the barrier of designing your own phone enclosure. Kraft paper is versatile, durable and easy to cut in various shapes, while strong enough to protect the modules against the outside. It’s also sewable, washable, and easy to draw on.

With RePhone you build your own communication device, from the GUTS (hardware pieces) to the SOUL (software) inside, and the SKELETON and SKIN (Enclosure) outside.

We developed rich libraries hooking into Arduino IDE, Lua and Javascript, with detailed example sketches to help entry-level programmers develop with Rephone easily and quickly.

We also provide a full power SDK based on Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers to work with high level applications.

Not a programmer? No problem! RePhone has an easy drag and drop feature for files. Simply download the applications online and put it in your RePhone to make it work!

The modular design of RePhone brings limitless DIY possibilities. Those tiny neat blocks can be fit into a phone enclosure of any size, shape, or style you like.

You can make your RePhone even cooler with different materials like leather, fabric and bamboo. Build a sturdy case with 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC and injection molding.

Or if you want, just stick the Rephone onto existing objects that you want turned into a phone!

RePhone creates new ways to communicate with our physical world.

  • Talk to your grandpa by assembling a walking cane phone.
  • Talk to your dog with a RePhone, GPS, record module and dog collar.
  • Talk to the sky with a RePhone, gyros and a kite.
  • Talk to your body with a RePhone shirt.
  • Talk to your light with a RePhone lamp.
  • Talk to your dress with the RePhone and Xadow Duino module with WS2812b

To top it off, RePhone is compatible With Arduino and Pebble Time.

Let’s experiment with totally new ways to connect with the world.

Here at Seeed, we want to facilitate a collaborative community to empower hackers, designers, and makers to help us realize new ways that the phone can interact with the world. So far the results have been amazing. The RePhone Alpha User community have made significant contributions to the Rephone user experience.

With an open-source modular design, easy pluggable interfaces, and rich-featured modules, RePhone provides a perfect way to prototype your wearable or Internet of Things(IoT) idea. The RePhone modules can be inserted as standard embedded modules in your finished product or as the control unit. Whether you are building a smart control communication device for your dog, or DJ gesture-controlling device, the GSM module is your personal starting line.

Turn your prototype into an end device with Seeed’s ‘RePhone Hardware Development Kit. The kit shows drawings of common circuits, shortening design process with commonly used components from our Open parts library.

Seeed Studio also provides manufacturing services to help you complete small batch production from up to 10K pieces. Our strong supply chain management can turn your RePhone into a mass manufactured phenomenon. For more information visit


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